We are committed to using the safest, ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and high-quality materials. We never compromise on these values as they embody the essence of what AROLAB stands for. 
Every product has been handcrafted with integrity and care.

  • Michal P.

    "....Unlike other candles it doesn’t over overwhelm the room with a strong odor, and complements a mood or space that has the same asthetic/feel. The only downside is that it eventually runs out!"

  • Maxim V.

     “... AROLAB delivers the experience I want from a luxury candle at a much more reasonable price point.”

  • Simran K.

    “...AROLAB is perfect because of its natural scent. They don’t use artificial scents, you can tell the difference if you are a scented candle lover like me. I recommend everyone to give it a try, you will fall in love with scents.”

  • Olga L.

    "If you want the perfect candle for unwinding and relaxation, there is a perfect candle for you with Arolab! I use them religiously especially before I go to bed."

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