Thinking back, Arolab started in a kitchen by creating candles with my dear and great mother, who is an artist, a spiritual master and a wonderful human being all together. We started experimenting with waxes, blending essential oils and fragrance oils. It turned out to be not as simple as we thought it would be, but that brought a sense of peace, joy and that warm feeling in my soul.

I decided to keep experimenting to create the cleanest, most natural and best smelling candle I could create. During a long process of experimenting with ingredients, I’ve developed a certain level of curiosity around me and my candles. That's when I realized maybe this could be it, this is how Arolab was born as a dream I wanted to fulfill.

Myself as a founder, as well as our small Arolab family, we promise and commit to using the safest, ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and high-quality materials while crafting every single candle by hand with integrity, love and care that can be felt when you’re lighting your Arolab candle. Thank you for your support, we will never take it for granted and use this opportunity to continue learning and innovating to be best in what we do.

Arolab Founder,